What does outfit mean (2022)

Crossword clues for outfit

  • Set of clothes
  • Revealed, suitable set of clothes
  • Issued suitable clothes
  • Military unit
  • Something worn
  • Matched clothing
  • Jeans and a T-shirt, for one
  • Equip for a trip
  • Ensemble of attire
  • Clothing ensemble
  • Costume
  • Barbie doll purchase
  • Any cohesive unit such as a military company
  • A set of clothing (with accessories)
  • Gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose
  • Attire
  • Clothes not in the closet match
  • Website requirement – most important, contributing to party reputation
  • Set of matching clothes
  • Set of clothing
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English






▪ She skipped lunch in order to go shopping, spending some of her carefully hoarded wages on a new outfit for the occasion.

▪ Here they are wearing their new outfits while playing on a climbing frame.

▪ We decided he needed help in slimming - and a new, up-to-date outfit.

▪ A new outfit of coat and apron costs £450.

▪ Wearing a very expensive new outfit.

▪ If you are considering buying a new outfit for the occasion Carita House always has a supply of Medau Blue garments.

▪ Then we dressed him in a new outfit and persuaded him to reveal his own short beard instead of the fake white one.

▪ He has three seamstresses on tour with him to run up new outfits.


▪ Agencies can be one-man bands, small outfits, large public companies which may work internationally, or multinational companies.

▪ Phone reception is hired out to small outfit physically located in San Mateo.



▪ If you are considering buying a new outfit for the occasion Carita House always has a supply of Medau Blue garments.


▪ Anne, 37, was invited to choose Mike an outfit at a London fashion event.

▪ She would stand in the door of her enormous closet in a thick velour robe and choose her outfit for the afternoon.


▪ As if to prove it, his eyes were snared by a girl dressed in an outfit made of pink towelling.

▪ The men had been dressed in traditional Cossack outfits.


▪ Dot wears dotted outfits and never speaks.

▪ On their own bikes, wearing their unique outfits, contestants will haul clunky parcels between checkpoints.

▪ Practise wearing your interview outfit in advance.

▪ For Carling's all-conquering side have worn three different outfits in the last 18 months.

▪ It also allows us to be creative and to design for the person who is actually going to wear the outfit.

▪ A gunman wearing a hunting outfit killed 13 people at the University of Montreal yesterday before committing suicide.

▪ Kids who want to live to morning recess do not wear blue velvet outfits with white neck-buttoned shirts.


▪ a five-piece jazz outfit

▪ an outfit of 120 engineers

▪ I love your outfit!

▪ She went out and spent $200 on a new outfit for the party.

▪ That's a beautiful outfit you're wearing.


▪ An outfit called the Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression was suitably outraged about the events.

▪ As a result, the traditional party outfit of flamboyant cravat and tweed jacket has been replaced by the ninety-nine-pound wool suit.

▪ At a photographic session, she will wear a figure-hugging leopard print outfit of cross-over top and skin tight leggings.

▪ Even his outfit will be a no-frills, casual black ensemble.

▪ I know another guide who says she has a different umbrella for every outfit she owns.

▪ Take time to plan your bridal outfit, but don't forget the groom.

▪ We got outrageous clothes - total outfits.



▪ Police had been outfitted with protective riot gear.


▪ No, he was not outfitted for stalking anything.

▪ The pole is carried between a pair of turning wagon wheels, pulled by two red horses outfitted in bronze finery.

▪ This army tried to outfit all its soldiers.

▪ To a Clinton outfitted in topknot and kimono.

The Collaborative International Dictionary


Outfit \Out"fit\, n.

  1. A fitting out, or equipment, as of a ship for a voyage, or of a person for an expedition in an unoccupied region or residence in a foreign land; the expense of, or allowance made for, equipment, as by the government of the United States to a diplomatic agent going abroad.

  2. Hence: Any assemblage of objects required for or used in performing a task; things required as equipment for a task.

  3. A complete ensemble of clothing, selected to form a matching set; a coordinated costume; as, a new Easter outfit.

  4. A business enterprise; as, what outfit do you work for?.

  5. Any team or party of people.

Related phrases:
  • fitted out outfitted
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary


1840, from outfit (n.). Related: Outfitted; outfitting; outfitter.


1769, "act of fitting out (a ship, etc.) for an expedition," from out + fit (v.). Sense of "articles and equipment required for an expedition" first attested 1787, American English; meaning "a person's clothes" is first recorded 1852; sense of "group of people" is from 1883.



n. 1 A set of clothing (with accessories). 2 gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose 3 Any cohesive group of people; a unit; such as a military company. 4 (context informal English) A business or firm. 5 (context sports English) A sports team vb. (context transitive English) To provide with, usually for a specific purpose.



  1. v. provide with (something) usually for a specific purpose; "The expedition was equipped with proper clothing, food, and other necessities" [syn: equip, fit, fit out]

  2. [also: outfitting, outfitted]


  1. n. any cohesive unit such as a military company

  2. a set of clothing (with accessories); "his getup was exceedingly elegant" [syn: getup, rig, turnout]

  3. gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose [syn: kit]

  4. [also: outfitting, outfitted]


Outfit (retailer)

Outfit is a UK company which forms part of the Arcadia Group and began life in the 1990s. It sells a range of clothing, footwear and accessories for both men and women.

The company began life in the 1990s when Sears plc saw a gap in the market. The 1990s saw a big growth in out of town retail parks which seemed to be the new alternative to town centre shopping. Sears saw this as an opportunity to house all their fashion brands under one roof.

The first Outfit store opened in 1995 at Riverside Retail Park in Nottingham. The Nottingham store proved such a success that more stores soon opened.

In 1999 Outfit became part of Arcadia Group Ltd and is continually growing.

Usage examples of "outfit".

At the, er, target location, base elements plentiful everywhere accrete to the information and an identical body and, er, outfit, will appear.

The morning of April 30th, he showered and shaved and, after some consideration, put on his barnstorming outfit instead of his civilian go-to-Sunday-meeting clothes.

The meteorological outfit on the Fram consisted of the following instruments and apparatus Three mercury barometers, namely: One normal barometer by Fuess, No.

She came out, still wearing her black beatnik outfit, with her hands tied behind her.

Their heads and hands and feet were tan, the rest of their bodies white, as though clothed in beltless karate outfits.

University Chapel, she was attired in a scandalous Bloomer outfit, on her hands and knees in a barren, slate-floored room, chalking diagrams she had a notion her old minister would have considered blasphemous on the floor.

Judging by his outfit - a soft brown leather blouson over a toffee-coloured cashmere crew neck and a pair of Levi 501s, he was doing his damnedest to ignore the fast approaching fortieth birthday.

In conducting this work, Uncle Lance was the leader, and with the white element already enumerated, there were twelve to fifteen vaqueros included in the branding outfit.

Patrol, since then he would not only have placed our outfit in an uncomfortable position, but, no longer extraditable, would be entitled to its protection from his fellow citizens.

So, after some days, when Magpie Maggie Hag had cut and sewn acrobat outfits for the three and they were decently covered, they were allowed out of the wagon to mingle with their new colleagues, and Quashee fed them when he fed Hannibal, and they returned to the museum only to sleep.

Six vampires in black mariachi outfits appeared from the rear of the lounge.

Jadway ventured in this direction, followed by Silk Marron and an outfit of thugs.

Ludmilla had, reluctantly, left behind the swashbuckling lady-pirate outfit she had worn on Melos and was now dressed in a demure belted gown, with all weapons tucked out of sight.

But Merv had said something that obviously struck home, because Hank turned to me, eyes widening as he stared at my sin-bought outfit.

They had a large, outrigged sea-canoe drawn up, outfitted for winter voyaging.

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