PRI – Integration Physical Therapy (2022)

I greatly appreciate Integration Physical Therapy becasue of its uniqueness which encompasses the philosophy of the "whole body". Jane is very diagnostic, adjusting the home exercises and the stretching techniques she administers to meet the patient's needs. Suggestions are so beneficial in how to "move" in daily life. Jane's compassion, professionalism, ecouragement, honesty, patience, humor, positive attitude and the trust I have in her, enhanced my healing. I am thankful.


My activity level was severely decreased due to hip and back pain. Jane helped me get back to doing the things I love – yoga and running! Now I can use the exercises she taught me to keep myself pain free and active.


Integration Physical Therapy provided a comprehensive approach to my physical therapy needs. They look at the complete aspect of an individuals physiology and they tailored exercises that were easy to learn and make a part of my daily routine. Through their efforts, I was able to effectively improve my core strength and general wellness.


My doctor referred me to Jane Stanley for therapy for muscle aches in my back and running up my neck. I was to leave in two weeks for a 6-week break to Florida. Jane and Melissa saw me seven times during that time frame and got me well on my way for my trip. I've been golfing quite a bit and feel no pain. Thanks to Jane and Melissa at Integration Physical Therapy, I would highly recommend their services.

Marilyn Laing

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Before I came to Jane, I had tried several treatment options for my back including traditional physical therapy, epidural floods, chiropractor adjustments and even just giving up on running. I was disappointed because nothing was helping or working. But from the moment I came to her she assured me that she would help me with my pain. Jane spent the time to explain what was causing my pain and how her approach was going to fix my back pain. She made sure I understood the exercises and what the purpose of each one was. She was good at giving me feedback on what I needed to do to improve. I am now back to running without pain and plan to return to cross-country competition.

Sarah Seuntjens

I had an amazing experience working with Jane and her staff. She educted me about my body and developed creative ways to help me throughout my busy lifestyle. Jane also took the time to get to know me and was very welcoming at every appointment. I feel great and am very thankful to have found such a great physical therapist!

Kelsey Montange

I want you both to know how much I appreciate all you have done for me. The changes that you have made for me functionally in my life are amazing! The chronic pain that I have had for three years with my right side - shoudler, abdomen, groin - has been alleviated. Not only that, I feel a peace and calm from all of the breathing in the exercises that I haven't experienced before - and you both have inspired me to learn more about this. I am pursuing training in this area so that I can share these and other skilles with children that I work with in the schools! So thank you for EVERYTHING! You both are awesome and changing lives!

Sarah Colfack

At first I was skeptical of integration therapy but after several visits and many exercises, I am a true believer! Jane gets to the root of the problem and solved numerous aches and pains in addition to my original issue. It was a please working with her and I would highly recommend her services to anyone that has been through the conventional PT route and is still in pain.


About 2 weeks before the 2007 SC Marathon, I ended up with intense right hip pain. Because of the pain I ended up walking the Marathon in 5:49:14. I didn’t run for a month. Tried PT and had mixed results. Fortunately I met Jane Stanley. She started me on an aggressive PT exercise regiment. She also gave me exercises to do on my own. I realized these would be as important as my running. I’m sure I would not be running as well, if at all, if I hadn’t met Jane. Thank You.

Jim Loucks

I truly wish I had known about Jane and PRI years ago – I could have avoided several injuries and more efficiently trained my body. The first time I ran after completing Jane’s program, I was shocked to feel muscles activate that had basically been dormant due to so many imbalances in my structure.

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Jean Gill

My Dr. referred me to IPT. My exercises were well explained and demonstrated. After the first week, I could "feel" a difference, that was plenty to keep me exercising and became a challenge. After a few sessions, I felt different, not only for the "problem" but overall. I haven't lost weight, but people think I have, my clothes fit looser. I feel better, move better and actually feel younger. I am constantly telling friends of my find at IPT.

Jan Gramm

Those of you that have pain know exactly what I'm talking about. It is miserable to wake up wiht pain everyday. Or not be able to sleep through the night. I am so thankful for Integration Physical Therapy for getting me PAIN FREE. I was feeling better in only 2-3 visits. I still can't believe how fast I felt better as I have gone to a couple other places and had the best results here.

Michelle Uhl

I am a man, well past middle age, and have participated in many long distance training sessions as well as running competitively for more than twenty-five years. Although I enjoyed this sport very much, I frequently failed to stretch as often as I should or as appropriately as would have been beneficial. Partly due to my age and in some measure to my improper training methodology, I now have significant osteoarthritis. Although I have utlizied a host of therapeutic tolls to deal with a variety of musculoskeletal issues, I have found that Jane's focus on the importance of posture and correct body movement extremely helpful. After assessing my postural imbalances and movement dysfunction in a variety of areas, she developed a plan of action for me to pursue at home. With periodic feedback from her, I have found my pain levels diminishing and in some cases disappearing. Because of my positive experience with Jane, I sincerely believe others will likewise be helped by Postural Restoration that she teaches.

BILL (A Happy Patient)

Jane's application and teaching at Integration Physical Therapy has made a significant difference in my balance and pain reduction. When I do her exercises I strengthen a specific group of weak muscles with breathing exercises to integrate the whole process. I have increased my strength work outs and distance walks as well as better and longer balances in my yoga practice. I have used complimentary alternative medicine that helps but none of it strengthens my weak muslces that kept me from being my best and keeping my body in balance. I am not new to exercise. I have a B.A.E. in phyical educatioon. I have coached volleyball, track, gymnastics and regular physical education classess. I spent six years as a massage therapist. I was a long distance runner for fifteen years, now I walk. I have studied Yoga for over forty years and have taught the last fifteen. I thougth I knew my body but Jane has shown me new ways to keep healthy. I appreciate her work and would advise everyone to try the least invasive processes before doing meds or going under the knife. Integration Physical Therapy works dramatically and quickly. I am living proof. Thank you Jane!

Elaine Knudsen

You can use me for a reference anytime. Been the best year yet-just ran the Kauai Marathon and while it was not a PR I ran very well. I have PR'd every other run I have done this year from the 5K, 15K, and 10-mile range. Not by a few seconds either – 2 minutes on the long ones and almost a ½ minute on the 5K.

Marty Hogan

I was diagnosed with a SLAP tear in my right shoudler. I found the personnel with Integration Physical Therapy to be friendly and professional. I worked with Jane Stanley who proved to be very informative. Not only was I instructed on the particular exercises and stretches, but each was explained to me as to why each was necessary. Having a very busy schedule, the staff at IPT was very accommodating in scheduling my sessions. After just a few sessions, I mastered the stretches and exercises and my shoudler began to feel much better. I am basically pain free. The stretches have become part of my daily schedule which has given me relief from pain and the surgeons scalpel.

Butch Newman

My husband and I were both referred to Integration PT for lower back pain. Right from the start, Melissa and Jane explained the source and cause of our pain and clearly laid out a plan to overcome it. They showed us both techniques and stretches we could easily do at home and measured our progress each visit. We both feel like we have more control over keeping our backs healthy and strong. We highly recommend Jane and Melissa at Integration PT!

Nicky & Todd Oss

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I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in August of 2012. My Dr. recommended steroid injections in the back. The injections were painful and only lasted a few weeks. Then I learned about Integration Physical Therpay. On your first visit, your condition is evaluated and you are given your first set of exercises. On your following vistis, your exercise program is customized for you. I really enjoyed working with them and I have very little pain now. I have not had any steroid injections since December of 2012. I do not have to take any pain reliever now. Thank you for taking the pain out of my life.

David Jahn

Jane Stanley helped my daughter with her knee and back pain. Her back and knees felt worse when she played the sport she loves...volleyball. After trying other physical therapists, my daughter was thrilled with her therapy with Jane. Her pains were gone and she could exercise without worrying. Jane taught my daughter how to breath properly while exercising, strengthen different muscles, and learn how to stretch while traveling for volleyball. Thank you Jane!

Jill Williams

I had a great experience working with Jane. Her approach to treating pain by focusing on the whole body made incredible sense. I finished treatment not only with less pain but also with o great understanding of how things are connected inside my own body. I would recommend Jane to anyone!

Mary Sterk

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What is PRI in physical therapy? ›

Postural Restoration (PRI®) helps to correct and compensate for these asymmetries and overuse so that you can enjoy your full level of activity, avoid pain, and prevent further injury in the future. Postural Restoration is a physical therapy treatment that focuses on identifying and correcting common postural problems.

What is PRI anatomy? ›

PRI: Postural Restoration

As many assume their body is symmetrical by observing their outside structures from having two arms, legs, feet, eyes, etc., most internal organs from neurological, respiratory, circulatory, muscular systems are not the same on the opposite sides of the body.

Is PRI evidence based? ›

Postural Restoration is an evidence-based form of therapy treatment that takes account of the entire body in a biomechanics manner to address the underlying problem, instead of symptom management.

Is postural restoration effective? ›

Clinically, PR has also proven successful in rehabilitation for older adolescents and for adults. PR is the first approach to appreciate the significance of fundamental asymmetry of the human body as a positive factor, facilitating movement via a universal right side dominant movement pattern.


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