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  • Corporate Responsibility Report 2016

  • 1 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016

    I hope you take the opportunity to read this CorporateResponsibility Report to learn how SVB, our employees and ourpartners are collaborating to work on solving complex socialchallenges. We are proud of the work we have done so far, and aschampions of innovation we know there is great potential to do muchmore. To see additional stories, visit Living Our Values on ourwebsite. Please join us in turning bold visions into solutions tostrengthen our communities.

    Thank you,

    GREG BECKERPresident and CEO, SVB Financial Group

    A Letter from Greg Becker

    Empowering SVB Employees and Clients to Make a Difference

    For more than 30 years, Silicon Valley Bank has championedinnovation by helping entrepreneurs execute their big ideas. Wetake the same approach with initiatives that support thecommunities in which we live and work.

    Our employees and partners are strongly committed to making animpact, and we saw many positive outcomes in 2016.

    – The SVB Foundation supported nearly 100 nonprofits for whichour employees actively volunteer.

    – With the goal of preparing the workforce of the future, SVBhosted or supported programs that provide students and youngentrepreneurs with direct access to experienced tech leaders,investors and bankers.

    – SVB’s Community Development Finance group teamed withdevelopers and nonprofits to provide affordable housing for themost vulnerable San Francisco Bay Area residents and advocated forpublic policies to increase resources for communitydevelopment.

    – SVB contributed to environmental sustainability by supportingcompanies that are developing energy and resource efficiencysolutions and by promoting sustainable practices at ourworkplaces.


    2016 Year-at-a-Glance

    Made more than 2,000 loans totaling $133 million to businesseswith revenue up to $1 million

    Cut 2,630 tons of carbon emissions in two years by implementingenergy efficiencies

    Built or preserved more than 1,000 affordable housing units bypartnering with innovative investors and nonprofits

    Donated more than $1.8 million to nonprofit organizationshelping our communities

    Made SVB Foundation grants to nonprofits totaling $381,000


  • 2 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016


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    Supporting Affordable Housing

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    Advocating for Inclusion and Diversity

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    Preparing the Workforce of the Future

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    Contributing to a Sustainable World

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    Empowering Innovation

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    Volunteering and Giving


  • Empowering Innovation 3

    The mission of Silicon Valley Bank is to help entrepreneursincrease the probability of their success. Technology and lifescience startups are presenting unprecedented opportunities forincreasing employment, making commerce more efficient, improvinghealthcare and fostering a more sustainable planet. Our clients arereinventing the future, and we help them make valuable connectionsby providing a wide range of financial services and advocating forpublic policy issues that will help them grow and succeed.

  • 4 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016

    SVB’s early and growth stage clients created thousands of jobsin 2016.

    Hardware & Infrastructure

    Software & Internet

    Life Science & Healthcare

    Energy & Resource Innovation

    Private Equity & Venture Capital

    Premium Wine

    *SVB estimates. **Based on NVCA data.

    We’re at the intersection of innovation and capital.

    SVB helps high-growth companies navigate at every stage.

    Supporting Business and Economic Development


    $133 million Dollars loaned

    2,033 Loans to support small businesses

    58%of all U.S. VC-backed

    companies that had an IPO in 2016

    50%of all U.S. venture

    capital–backed tech and life science companies

  • 5 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016

    SVB tailors our innovative lending and financial strategies tosupport community-based initiatives that expand access toopportunity.

    Opportunity FundOpportunity Fund provides microloans forunderserved small-business owners, along with education andsupport, with a mission to drive economic mobility and buildstronger communities. SVB and the Silicon Valley CommunityFoundation launched Opportunity Fund 25 years ago. SVB has loaned,invested and donated more than $6 million to Opportunity Fundprograms. In 2016, the fund helped 4,812 California families pursueeconomic opportunity by investing in education andentrepreneurship. SVB has invested more than $1 million inmicrofinance loan programs.

    Grameen America Grameen America provides microloans and trainingto women in poverty who seek to build small businesses. SVBsupported the opening of Grameen America branches in Oakland andSan Jose, California, with a $1 million investment for loancapital. These offices have loaned $46 million, with an averageloan size of $3,800, enabling 4,374 women to better their lives andthose of their families.

    Law Foundation of Silicon ValleySVB supports the Law Foundationof Silicon Valley, which uses the law as a tool for change toaddress programs linked to social injustices like poverty,discrimination, and child abuse and neglect. SVB’s Legal teamserves on the board and provides pro bono services as part of anannual day of service.


    Powerful Community Partnerships

    E R I C W E A V E R Founder and CEO, Opportunity Fund

    Opportunity Fund would have never gotten off the ground withoutthe early support and investment of Silicon Valley Bank.

  • Supporting Affordable Housing 6

    SVB has committed nearly $270 million in investments and morethan $859 million in loans to build 8,389 affordable housing unitsover the past two decades. These homes are designed for seniors,veterans, low-income families, people with disabilities and thosewho are chronically homeless.

    Columbia Park Apartments, San Francisco

  • 7 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016


    Community Development Finance

    Housing Trust Silicon Valley Silicon Valley Bank has committedmore than $2 million to Housing Trust Silicon Valley, whichsupports providing more-affordable housing in Silicon Valley.Housing Trust has facilitated more than 26,000 affordable housingopportunities.*

    Willow Housing Willow Housing in Menlo Park, California, servesformerly homeless veterans and veterans at risk of homelessness byproviding high-quality housing along with nearby healthcare andvocational services. SVB provided a $9.3 million construction loanand $12.8 million in tax credit equity investment to COREAffordable Housing and EAH Housing for the 60-unit project, whichheld its grand opening in February 2016.

    For more information about Silicon Valley Bank’s contributionsto affordable housing in the San Francisco Bay Area, visitwww.svb.com/living-our-values/community-involvement.

    *Source: Housing Trust Silicon Valley.

    Willow Housing | Housing for Veterans, Menlo Park

  • Preparing the Workforce of the Future 8

    One of the biggest challenges reported by high-growth technologyand life science companies is finding the talent they need to growtheir businesses. At SVB, we recognize that the health of theinnovation economy depends on having access to a workforce that isprepared for the future.

  • 9 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016

    SVB Trek


    K E V I N YA N O SSVB Trek participant, University ofMichigan

    I no longer want to just own a company but rather own a companythat is changing the world.

    I was really inspired by the grit, determination and convictionto succeed (of the other students). I know I’ll be reading allabout these awesome people in the news in the future!

    A N G E L A S Y

    SVB Trek participant, Stanford University

    4 Days





    To champion the next generation of innovators, Silicon ValleyBank opens its doors each year to connect ambitious,entrepreneurially minded college students with creative pioneers,world-class investors and industry leaders. During the four-dayTrek, participants dive headlong into the innovation ecosystemthrough an immersive learning experience featuring salon-styleevents, hands-on workshops and interviews with industryluminaries.

    For Silicon Valley Bank, it’s an investment in the nextgeneration of entrepreneurs and an opportunity for SVB executivesand clients to give back as mentors and coaches. For students, it’san opportunity to be immersed in Silicon Valley and make valuableconnections for the future, with one another as well as withpotential investors, partners and mentors.

    SVB Trek: By the Numbers 2016

  • 10 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016


    Igniting the entrepreneurial passion of high school studentsthrough experiential learning helps prepare them for graduation,higher education and the workplace. That’s the goal of the BUILDprogram, which encourages young entrepreneurs from under-resourcedcommunities to pursue their dreams.

    BUILDBusinesses United in Investing Lending and Development hasincubated more than 750 youth businesses and partnered with morethan 30 schools across the United States.

    SVB employees volunteer as board members, mentors and paneljudges with BUILD in the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston and NewYork. They advise student teams on their business plans annuallyand make funding recommendations.

    United and Counting Since 2014, SVB’s financial literacyprogram, United and Counting, has reached 1,653 students in the SanFrancisco Bay Area, providing nearly 6,000 hours of onlineeducation. United and Counting is offered in more than 26 areaschools that serve primarily low- and moderate-income students. Theprogram is designed to teach students financial literacy skillsthat will serve them well as they move from school to theworkforce.

    SVB Helps High School Students Prepare for the Future

    United and Counting: By the Numbers 2016

    1,653 Students

    5,972 Hours of education

    26 Schools

  • Volunteering and Giving 11

    Silicon Valley Bank and its employees are strongly committed tomaking a difference through activities that improve the quality oflife in their communities and around the world.

  • 12 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016


    Employees Drive Corporate Giving

    Silicon Valley Bank supports our employees’ dedication toimproving their communities.

    SVB employees dedicate time, energy and expertise to a widevariety of nonprofit organizations. Employees may apply for SVBFoundation grants to benefit the organizations for which theyvolunteer. SVB matches employees’ personal donations for causes oftheir choice up to $1,000. In 2016, the SVB Foundation made 96matching grants totaling $381,000.

  • 13 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016

    We are thankful for the numerous clients who support ourcommunity involvement initiatives.

    Tech Gives BackIn 2016, SVB employees and clients in Boston,Denver, San Francisco and New York turned out in force for a day ofservice co-sponsored by SVB and the nonprofit TechnologyUnderwriting the Greater Good. Over 200 employees participated at66 locations. SVBers volunteered 10,905 hours. We engaged 155client companies in this effort.

    Best Buddies InternationalBest Buddies International is anonprofit organization dedicated to ending the social, physical andeconomic isolation of the 200 million people in the United Stateswith intellectual and developmental disabilities. SVB hired fivemembers of the Best Buddies Jobs program in our U.S. offices andpartners with our clients annually to raise funds for theorganization.


    Community Partnerships Empower People

  • Advocating for Inclusion and Diversity 14

    Innovation happens when people with different perspectives andfresh viewpoints come together. Silicon Valley Bank works toincrease inclusion and diversity in its workplaces and in thebroader innovation ecosystem.

  • 15 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016


    Living Our Values

    At Silicon Valley Bank, our goal is to foster an inclusiveworkplace in which all employees are empowered to do their bestwork every day. We are committed to attracting and retaining adiverse workforce to make SVB a more innovative and rewarding placeto work and to help our clients achieve success.

    In 2016, SVB hosted Neuroscience of Unconscious Bias training toraise awareness and present strategies for mitigating potentialunconscious biases in the workplace. The goal was to help employeesunderstand how we can interrupt biases in our decision-making.

    With the goal of driving a high level of employee engagement andbuilding a network of inclusion and diversity advocates, SVB alsoheld interactive workshops for leaders to explore how our use oflanguage affects gender bias and to offer tools for alleviatingthis potential bias in hiring, performance evaluations,recommendations and advancement opportunities.

    We raised the profile of our inclusion and diversity efforts byintroducing a new web page, Diversity Makes a Difference, whichhighlights our initiatives to raise awareness among our employees,candidates and clients.

    SVB employees participated in virtual and in-person groupdiscussions to brainstorm action items for the development andadvancement of women and people of color.

    As a co-sponsor, SVB was actively involved in two leadingconferences focused on professional development and leadershipskills for women: Silicon Valley’s Watermark Conference for Womenand the Massachusetts Conference for Women.


  • 16 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016


    Increasing Diversity in Tech

    Investing in Female EntrepreneursResearch shows that companieswith strong female leadership generate a higher return on equity.Astia provides capital, connections and guidance that fuel thegrowth of innovative, female-led ventures around the globe. SVB hassupported Astia since its inception in 1999 with board members andsponsorships.

    Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley The Hispanic Foundation ofSilicon Valley funds programs designed to promote educationalexcellence, leadership development, research, and convening andengaging the Hispanic community. In 2016, SVB became the foundingfunder of HFSV’s Latinos in Technology Scholarship, a collegescholarship program for Latinos who are majoring in science,technology, engineering or mathematics. SVB employees participatein the Latino Board Leadership Academy, which aims to increaseLatino representation on corporate boards.

    Increasing Women on Corporate Boards TheBoardlist, part of the#ChoosePossibility Project, helps companies and investors identifyqualified women to join corporate boards. The first-of-its-kindresource list from which to recruit women for board positions,theBoardlist includes more than 600 names. SVB is a foundingpartner and global sponsor.


  • Contributing to a Sustainable World 17

    SVB works with companies that are focused on cutting-edgesolutions for a more sustainable planet. In the SVB workplace, weare committed to reducing our carbon footprint by implementingenergy-efficiency and waste reduction initiatives.

  • 18 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016

    SVB Executes on Sustainable Business Practices


    As a fast-growing company, SVB acts on its responsibility tocontain and, when possible, reduce the impact of our businessoperations on the environment. We have adopted and expanded thefollowing sustainable practices.

    – Outfitting new and remodeled offices with systems designed topromote the highly efficient use of power, water and otherresources

    – Encouraging employees to reduce corporate and commute travel;our commute strategy supports employee use of mass transit, andSVB’s corporate campus in Santa Clara is located next to a majorcommuter light rail line

    – Leveraging imaging technologies to reduce paper consumptionand courier use

    – Expanding video-conferencing capabilities as an alternative totravel

    – Increasing the sustainable practices at our Santa Clara campuscafé; currently, 93 percent of food products served are consideredsustainable, and 42 percent of nonfood products are deemedearth-friendly or compostable






    Business travel

    Natural gas

    Ream of paper





    Office Operations and Business TravelSVB Environmental Impact inMetric Tons of Carbon Emissions Produced by Source, 2014–2016

    SVB’s operations for selected U.S. offices, including major U.S.data centers, in 2016 resulted in 12,300 tonnes of carbonemissions, a 6.3% decline from 13,123 tonnes in 2015 and a 17.6%decline from 14,930 tonnes in 2014.

    201620152014Tonnes of C02e

  • 19 | SVB Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016

    Kinestral Technologies Kinestral Technologies is developingdynamic electrochromic glass for the commercial and residentialreal estate market. Its smart-tinting glass delivers shade andprotection from the sun’s glare within seconds and desired tintwithin three minutes, delivering meaningful improvements inoccupant comfort while achieving high levels of energyefficiency.

    Beyond Meat More people are recognizing that eating less meatcan protect our vital resources, from freshwater to forests, andhelp reduce harmful emissions. Meat substitutes have become apopular alternative. Beyond Meat develops and produces 100 percentplant protein with the taste and texture of beef and chicken. Morethan 11,000 stores nationwide carry Beyond Meat products. SVBprovided a late-stage growth capital facility and a working capitalline to support the company’s growth.

    Supporting Companies with a Mission to Create a SustainableFuture


  • About Silicon Valley BankFor more than 30 years, Silicon ValleyBank has helped innovative companies and their investors move boldideas forward, fast. SVB provides targeted financial services andexpertise through its offices in innovation centers around theworld. With commercial, international and private banking services,SVB helps address the unique needs of innovators.


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