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Tutoring for GCSE and A Level STEM Subjects - BSc Student

I’m a first year university student that is looking to tutor students undertaking GCSEs or A Levels in Biology, Chemistry or Maths. I’m currently taking a Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Science and did A Levels in all three subjects. I got and A in Chemistry, B in Biology and C in Maths. I have had previous tutoring experience, tutoring for both physics and maths at GCSE level. I still own all A Levels textbooks and have access to GCSE textbooks for these subjects.

Houssem Eddine

A Maths teacher teaches Maths, Algebra and Geometry

An experienced teacher at your disposal for:- Methodology adapted to all levels.- Upgrading.- Consolidation of achievements.- Preparation for an examination / competition (CEB, CE1D, CESS.etc).- Help with homework and lessons.- Complementary exercises and review as controls and exams approach.- Advice and supervision at the level of working methods.- Recommended teaching methods.Currently, I am doing my maths aggregation. I am already an electromechanical engineer, graduated as a senior technician in electronics and electrical engineering and who passed my bachelor's degree in mathematics with honors. I teach in different technical fields and especially mathematics, algebra and electronics.At the level of my teaching methods, I use those that are advised pedagogically, I always try to explain and detail as much as possible the courses and I do not pass to the following stages until after making sure that the student understood what I explained.As a teacher, I already have a good experience teaching with students for 6 years. What is certain, I make sure to always go as far as possible to explain the exercises.


Physics course: working methods, monitoring and permanent evaluation

From the introduction to physical sciences to the Bac through competitions or patents such as CAP, BFEM, BT, .... we offer complete and very accessible courses for any profile of learners in chemistryand physical.We will explain the course and then concretize by exercises of application.Also suggest series of exercises of increasing degree of difficulty if the student does not already have one. From this the learner will be able to fill in his gaps and master his lessons well and then apply them as necessary. We carry out a regulated follow-up of the progress according to the program. Homework is prepared regardless of its nature: home or control. There are also permanent exchanges with the parents in order to better find the methods and solutions specific to each student. Thank you


Get learning Maths, English and Science up to GCSE level

I specialise in tutoring science, maths and English (GCSE and ESL) all subjects are taught up to GCSE level or lower depending on child's age. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports making sure the parents/carers are involved in the learning of the child and to track their progress too.

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Math teacher to help your kid understand and learn how to solve exercices

Math is really important for kids and making sur your children has the ability to understand and think of solutions to problems will assure him a brighther future.Why not give him the opportunity to learn Math properly during his free time.I do my best to make childrens understand depending on their level.I recomand methods and tools to make Math easier and fun!


Learn Chinese from A1 to C2, from having fun to prepare test

I run private lessons, where all levels are welcome. But if you’re a total beginner then I offer basic classes to help you find the way to get into it.I develop diverse methods of teaching for the students. For the around 5-8 years old kids, I would like to set certain games to play with them, thereby the kids can learn the new language during the interaction and communication. In this way, different media, like color pictures, puppets, or storybooks are essential to make the course very attractive. For the teenager or advanced students, a structuralized teaching content based on scenarios or textbook could help the students to develop their language capacity efficiently in different aspects – listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Besides, I would like to give a deeper perspective for the Chinese- not only learning the language from the textbooks, but also the knowledge of the language, the culture, and the literature.Also, based on your need and situation, we choose different textbooks and make a personal teaching plan for you.


Mathematics and statistics tutoring for university students

- Free initial consultation- Appointments can be made spontaneously on the same day- Lessons via zoom using a whiteboard- Analysis- Linear Algebra- stochastics- statistics- Programming with R, Python, Matlab / OctaveAbout me: I have a master’s degree in technical mathematics and work as a freelance statistician.

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Cambridge IGCSE / GCSE / A-Levels Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology

Learn with the best, experienced and certified Cambridge tutor. I am a qualified and certified physical and online tutor located in Lusaka Zambia. I come with 5 years of professional experience in Mathematics and sciences(Physics Chemistry & Biology)I am well vested with the British and American curriculum and I am very competent. I teach students Cambridge IGCSE / GCSE / GCE /O-Levels / A-Levels and IB. I teach students from Netherlands, India, USA, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Canada, Kuwait, Dubai, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Australia, Malaysia and the UK.


Math Tutoring for International O, AS & A Levels (Online)

My name is Christian, and I have a masters degree in Chemistry (Biomolecular sciences), and obtained a PhD in developmental Biology. For several years now I have been tutoring students for chemistry, math and physics. Among these quite a few followed the Cambridge international course. And perhaps I can help you too?Although my lessons are given online, the teaching is approached in a personal and lively way. To keep it simple and dynamic I make use of a marker and a whiteboard, and we would have an atmosphere that's in a way comparable to meeting at home.There's many possible reasons for a student to go look for tutoring, and many have different ways of studying. I'm always very involved with the student's goals and progress, and am optimistic and easily approachable in nature. In my experience there's always a safe and motivating atmosphere during the lessons, which works contagiously; understanding of the subject grows, but also a lot of confidence is gained!I'd love to hear from you!


Math/Physics/Chemistry courses given by an experienced teacher and engineer (EN/FR)

An experienced teacher, I tailor my course on the specific needs of my students, so they can reach the desired level in math/physics/chemistry as quickly as possible. My approach is practical, and goal-oriented (examination, certificate, etc.).I give courses to high-school and bachelor level students. I speak French, English, and Dutch.About :An engineer by background ("ingénieur civil"), I have become an education professional with a significant experience teaching math, physics and chemistry both in the classroom (lycée Mater Dei, Woluwé-Saint-Pierre), and outside the classroom.I resolve issues that students have for instance because of pre-existing learning gaps, or difficulties to understand the complex aspects of scientific courses in the classroom.

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Statistics is a mathematical science that includes methods of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data so that meaningful conclusions can be drawn from them. In general, its investigations and analyses fall into two broad categories called descriptive and inferential statistics.In this course, you will be provided information about the basics of the statistical concepts so that you will get good grades in you exams. we will learn statistics through different languages and different statistical tools like (SAS, STATA, Rstudio, MATLAB, MINITAB, SPSS ETC.We will learn how we can apply the statistical tool for applying in our daily life.


SAT course for G11 & G10 ( SAT I: Perpetration Course )

-Perpetration Math Course for SAT / EST-My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports.-This class is for aspiring home cooks. The focus is to learn how to cook five very simple and healthy recipes for yourself and your family. You'll learn a variety of solving math problem in shortest and simplest techniques to cut down on costs and time in a relaxed and clear environment. If you are an absolute beginner, don't worry, will start from Zero level.


American Program Physics: Interactive Concepts Class

Join this class to learn physics interactively with lots of inquiry, hands on experience, daily life applications and problems solving. You will learn the WHYs and HOWs with educational strategies supported by Science Education research. Methods and Techniques aren't randomly chosen, they're customised to meet the needs and educational background of the student.

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Physics and Mathematics classes for primary, secondary and university students

Hiring this course you will have access to private classes in mathematics, from initial level to differential calculus and resolution of differential equations, and in physics, from initial level to advanced concepts of electromagnetism.The classes and topics are built together with the student, ensuring that they cover relevant topics, and varying the approach until we find what works.Hiring this course you'll have access to math classes, from elementary level to calculus and differential equations, and physics classes, from beginner concepts to advanced electromagnetism.Classes are constructed side by side with the student, in order to cover relevant topics, trying different strategies and focuses until we find what works for you.


Private maths, physics and French lessons and homework help, Tutors 5 years of experience

I am a Master student in sustainable development. Before that I obtained my Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering at EPFL. I offer math / physics courses for students needing help to follow their courses as well as those looking for improvement.


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