Is Hurghada worth visiting? (2023)

Is Hurghada worth visiting?

Many travelers to Egypt ask “Is Hurghada worth visiting” All what we can say is that a visit to the Egyptian resort town of Hurghada is well worth the effort. Hurghada, formerly a little fishing village on the Red Sea, is now Egypt’s most popular tourist attraction. In spite of its touristy reputation, Hurghada is the perfect place to start your summer.

Is it safe to travel to Hurghada at the moment?

Hurghada, as well as the rest of Egypt, is now safe for travelers. When you choose to spend your vacation in Egypt, you made the perfect decision. The past two years have been completely accident-free. In proportion to the increase in vaccines, the number of covids has also grown substantially. Use common sense when traveling, such as avoiding strangers, no matter how nice they seem, and not walking alone after midnight on empty streets, to avoid any complications.

Which is better Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh?

The choice depends on your personal taste. From El Gouna to Soma Bay in the south, Hurghada stretches from the former port town to new resort destinations including Makadi Bay and Sahl Hasheesh. Compared to Sharm el-Sheikh, it features more unique resorts separated by vast swaths of arid desert.

How far is Hurghada from Giza pyramids?

Four hundred kilometers separate Hurghada from the Pyramids of Giza. Flying from Hurghada to Cairo takes 3h 24m and costs between $65 and $210. For $10 – $16 you can ride a bus, which takes 6 hours.

Why you should visit Hurghada?

Hurghada, Egypt’s popular tourist destination, is well worth the trip. Hurghada, Egypt’s most popular tourist destination, was formerly a small fishing village on the Red Sea. In addition to its touristy reputation, Hurghada is a fantastic destination to begin your summer vacation. The sea sports, the services, small parties, the view, and every single detail makes it the perfect destination to spend you summer.

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Where is the best area to stay in Hurghada?

The closest neighborhood to stay in once you arrive in Hurghada is Al Mamsha El Seyahi. Enjoy your travel with our selection of the finest all-inclusive resorts in Hurghada, which includes The Oberoi Beach Resort Sahl Hasheesh, Steigenberger Aldau Beach Hotel, Premier Le Reve Hotel & Spa, and many others.

Is Hurghada a good holiday destination?

Hurghada is a Red Sea vacation town. And Hurghada has a lot to offer for enthusiasts as well as those who want to spend time with their families or just want to sunbathe on the shore! In the summer, it’s hot and in the winter, it’s warm and inviting.

Is Hurghada African?

Yes, it is located on the western side of the Red Sea. It is located in Egypt’s Red Sea Governorate. On the Red Sea shore, it’s one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

Do you need injections for Egypt Hurghada?

Normally you wouldn’t need an injection to enter Hurghada specifically, but you may be asked at the airport for a vaccination certificate of yellow fever if you are traveling from infected regions. Also, as an entry requirement for Egypt, you have to provide a covid-19 vaccine or a negative PCR test.

Do I need a visa for Hurghada Egypt?

The majority of foreigners who intend to visit Hurghada for a holiday must obtain a visa because only a few nationalities are exempt from visa requirements for Egypt. Visa-free entry to Egypt is available to citizens of Jordan, Macau, Malaysia, the Republic of South Sudan, Indonesia, Iran, and other countries.


Can you get a visa on arrival at Hurghada Airport?

It depends on the country you are traveling from, for example, there are some countries, such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Laos, Lebanon, and many others that you might want to check online can obtain a visa on arrival. There is another list of countries that are eligible for e-visa, and some are visa-exempted.

Can I fly to Hurghada from the UK?

Yes, of course. Hurghada airport welcomes United Kingdom citizens. Flights from London with 1 non-stop flight per day takes 7h 30m+. From Manchester with 1 non-stop flight per day takes about11h 20m+.

Do I need a visa for Hurghada Egypt from the UK?

An Egyptian is an essential requirement for any British citizen entering the country. Traveling to Taba and/or Sharm el Sheikh is exempt from a visa requirement. Information about passport and visa requirements for Egypt can be found on the Government of the United Kingdom’s Foreign Travel Advice website, at

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