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Alfonso Montuori, PhDis an educator, consultant, and musician. His transdisciplinary research has focused on the application of creativity research and complexity to better understand how to live in a complex, pluralistic, uncertain world. He is working on a book that outlines how our understanding and practice of creativity has changed in a networked world, and articulates a worldview in which creativity is a central, rather than peripheral, phenomenon. For more about Dr. Montuori, clickhere.

MatthewJ. Taylor, PT, PhD,isthe editor of this book and author of nine of the chapters. He is aninternational leader in integrative rehabilitation. His doctoral advisor andchair of his dissertation committee was Dr. Montuori, above. His passion iscreativity and how it is enmeshed with health and development, bothindividually and organizationally. His Dynamic Systems Rehabilitation Method ofrehabilitation provides practical, engaged processes for patients andproviders. For more on Dr. Taylor, clickhere.

MatthewSanford, MA,isa public speaker, healthcarepioneer, award‐winningauthor, and nationally recognized yoga teacher who has inspired and enhancedthe lives ofthousands. Sanford’s experiences as a consumer ofrehabilitation services are captured in his book,Waking: A memoir of trauma and transcendence. You can learnmorehereabout Matthewand his important non-profit that is changing healthcare through mind-bodyawareness.

StaffanElgelid, PT, PhD, GCFP,Dr. Elgelid is Associate Professor ofPhysical Therapy at Nazareth College. At Nazareth College he teaches health andwellness and is the co-director of the college’s health and wellness programs.He has presented on a multitude of topics both nationally and internationally.He is also a Feldenkrais Practitioner and has been active in the Feldenkraisand Somatic Education community both at a national and international level.Staffan is on the IAYT Advisory Council, has published several articles in IAYTpublications and holds a yoga therapy certification from the YogaLifeInstitute. Dr. Elgelid can be reached by email at andhis website ishere.

Ginger Garner, PT, ATC,is a licensedphysical therapist, professional yoga therapist, certified Pilates instructor,Ayurvedic lifestyle counselor, and registered yoga teacher (ERYT500). Shehas been a trailblazer for transformative physical therapy practice andeducation, using a biopsychosocial approach through the lens ofinterdisciplinary partnership, since 1995. She is a consultant at multipleuniversities throughout North America who have adopted her progressive medicaltherapeutic yoga curricula. She has been studying with Riane Eisler, JD and ison fire about the importance of relationships. Learn more aboutGingerhere.

Cheryl Van Demark, PT, MA,is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and physical therapist with a Master’s degree in physical education and exercise science. She is owner of Health In Motion LLC, a private therapeutic practice and Body Language Studio, a training center for mindful movement arts. Cheryl has enjoyed over 30 years of helping individuals optimize alignment, restore movement, build strength and cultivate a balance in body, mind and spirit to pursue joyful living.Learn more about Cherylhere.

Arlene Schmid, PhD,OTR,hasbeen an occupational therapist for nearly 20 years. She received her doctoraltraining in rehabilitation sciences at the University of Florida and she completedher post-doctoral fellowship in the Indianapolis VA. Currently, Dr. Schmid isan associate professor in the Colorado State University Department ofOccupational Therapy. Her research is focused on people with chronic stroke butshe is now also focusing on fall prevention and improvement in balance andquality of life. Dr. Schmid is a leader in the study of yoga as a complement torehabilitation therapies.Learn more about her workhere.

Mary Lou Galantino, PT, PhD,MS, MSCE,isaprofessor of Physical Therapy atRichard Stockton College, New Jersey.She specializes in holistic healthand rehabilitation and is the Coordinator of the Holistic Health Minor. Highlightsof Dr. Galantino’s scholarly activities include integrative therapies (yoga,meditation and tai chi) for various populations including cancer survivors, HIVand fall prevention in the elderly. As a result of her FulbrightSpecialist Grant, she is currently working on population based research in HIVdisability and exploring the impact of yoga on HIV neuropathy. Enjoy her TEDtalkhere.

Sara M. Meeks, PT, MS, GCS,has been a physicaltherapist since 1962 and a Kripalu Yoga instructor since 1984. She hascreated an original, effective and safe movement/exercise program forimprovement in body alignment. Thisclinically-successfulprogram isfor patients with osteoporosis, osteopenia, spinal stenosis, posturaldysfunction, and chronic back pain. Sarapresent seminarstomedicalprofessionals and the public on this subject. Diagnosed withosteoporosis, her self-stated mission is to bring safety and therapeutic intentinto exercise prescription for all people. Learn more about Sara here.

MichelleGarcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLP,is the founder of Social Thinking® which specializes indeveloping treatment models and specific strategies for helping persons withsocial cognitive learning challenges. She runs and works in her small clinic;has authored numerous books and speaks internationally. Michelle’s goal is tohelp educators; psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health counselors andparents appreciate how social thinking and social skills is an integral part ofstudents’ academic, vocationaland community success. She was honored witha “Congressional Special Recognition Award” in 2008. Learn more aboutMichellehere.

Carey Clark, RN, PhD,is a faculty memberat the University of Maine Augusta and is developing a caring-holistic-integralcurriculum for the RN- BSN program. Her published works have focused on thenursing shortage, caring in nursing education, complexity in nursing education,integral approaches to nursing education, and the use of a Partnership social modelin nursing education. Dr. Clark’s goals include ushering in a new era ofcaring-based practices in nursing, transforming health care systems, creatingtranspersonal states/ altered levels of consciousness, and supporting thegrowth of nurses striving to create sustainable, caring-healing practices andprofessional autonomy. Learn more about Careyhere.

Beverly Price, RD, MA, CEDS,isCEO and Founder of Inner Door Center, is a nationally renowned Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, credentialed by the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, who is recognized for her distinctive approach to mindfulness-based eating disorder recovery using yoga therapeutics as a tool.Beverly has created and cultivated the Reconnect with Food® program to benefit those struggling with eating disorders and co-occurring disorders, along with providing mental health services for her local, surrounding community. Learn more about Beverlyhere.

Renee van der Vennet, PhD, LCAT, LMHC, ATR-BC, CGP,has a Ph.D. in Human Services specializing in Professional Counseling. She is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT),Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Board Certified Registered Art Therapist (ATR-BC), and a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP). She has worked as counselor, therapist and art therapist at various settings in Houston, Texas and Rochester, NY. Currently she is an Assistant Professor in the Creative Arts Therapy Department at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. Her research interests include the areas of secondary trauma, burnout, dreams, creativity, and art therapy. Learn more about Reneehere.

Marieke Van Puymbroeck, PhD, CTRS, FDRT,is a recreational therapist and rehabilitation scientist. She is the Recreational Therapy Coordinator at Clemson University and currently serves as the President of the National Academy of Recreational Therapists. Dr. Marieke’s research interests are in the area of integrative medicine, primarily yoga, as a means to promote health and well-being for individuals with chronic disease and disability. Marieke finds creativity through yoga and gardening. Learn more about herhere.

Robin Rio, MA, MT-BC,is a tenured associate professor and clinic director at Arizona State University. Before authoring,Connecting through Music with People with Dementia,she published articles highlighting her clinical work: with homeless adults (Nordic Journal of MT) youth offenders (MT Perspectives) and developing process-oriented therapy practice (Arts in Psychotherapy). She has recorded and performs withSynaptic SoulandDaughters of Harriet,and is co-founder ofStrength-Based Improvisation Trainingfor advanced practice therapists. Learn more about Robinhere.

Diana Munger, PT, DPT,opened Desert PT in Phoenix, AZ as a place for holistic rehabilitation and wellness with a focus on pelvic physical therapy. She has extensive training in the fields of pelvic rehabilitation andyoga therapy. Her goal is to empower patients to take their rehabilitation into their own hands as they discover their personal path to wellness. When away from the office, Diana loves to spend time with her two young children, amazing husband, and four-legged, furry kiddos. Learn more about Dianahere.

JenniferCollins Taylor, MSW,is co-owner ofMyRehab, LLC, the parent company of the Matthew J Taylor Institute (MJTI). Sheis a thought leader in death education and end of life support. Besides her endof life MSW, she is also a recorded musician, award-winning author and yogatherapist. Her entrepreneurial business,Living Life, Dying Deathis a sister company to MJTI.She and Matt have been married since 1980 and continue to create together.

Charles Trull, MSW, PhD,is a medical socialworker at the US Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton, CA where he focuses ontrauma recovery and geriatric care. As a doctoral classmate of Matthew’s, thetwo spent many years together learning, causing “trouble” in theclassrooms, and literally wrote their dissertations together (separatedissertations) in the northern woods of Arizona. Charliehe has exploredmany avenues of healing through ancient traditions, to include his extensiveshamanic training from his Native American ancestry.

Sari Roth-Roemer, PhD,is a medical psychologist and the director of Intuitive Psychology, PLC, in Scottsdale, AZ. Her innovative perspective on the role of psychology and the brain highlights the intuitive powers of the mind, helping to teach people to listen more closely to their own intuition, and find balance in their lives. She lectures and presents at conferences and healthcare facilities across the country on topics of mind, body, spirit balance. Her current work explores the role of intuition and spirituality in the psychological healing process, as well as the practical application of recent scientific evidence linking mindful awareness and meditation to neural network changes in the brain.Learn more about Dr. Roth-Roemerhere.

Jerry Gillon, PT, ATC, OCS,from Cedar Rapids, IA ran a successful PT business with his spouse for decades. Jerry’s chapter illustrates a tremendous creative reserve that exists in we aging rehab professional boomers. We’ve done the conventional work and still have a fire to serve, but are ready for the next step. If we can harness that resource, there’s no telling how we might transform society. Jerry is baking healthy bread for his community and quietly changing the world… but then that’s J-man.

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