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Fairies, dragons, and the fall of might empires all made Chapter 4 a riot that speeds Bravely Default 2 toward its final act. In this page of the walkthrough, we'll cover all the dungeon guides and boss strategies you need to ensure you're able to take on the threats right around the corner.

If you're looking to go through a specific dungeon or boss encounter, click or tap the links below to jump straight down to those sections: otherwise, follow along to get through this chapter with ease, grabbing every chest and sidequest while you're at it.


Side Story

  • Savalon quests
  • Wiswald quests
  • Holograd quests

Main Story

  • Rimedhal
  • Halcyonia
  • Waterfall Path
  • Musa
  • Dungeon: Musa - Crystals’ Resting Place
    • Water Chamber
      • Boss: Genbu
    • Earth Chamber
      • Immortal
    • Fire Chamber
      • Boss: Catoblepas
    • Wind Chamber
      • Boss: Asura
    • Boss: Edna
  • How to Start Chapter 6


Turns out Gloria knows of a shortcut behind the waterfall in Halcyonia that can take you straight to Musa to deal with the crystals. Teleport out of the Serpent’s Grotto and head to Rimedhal. Rather than hop straight on the wagon to Halyconia, grab Quest 075 from a defeated Lonsdale.


Walk toward the back end of the inn to have Adelle and Gloria paint their pictures. Hand in the Horsetail Buds to the old man in the plaza and the Soul Food to the person by the Hall of High Holies canopy. Finish up the rest of the quests in your log now if the rewards strike your fancy.

You’ll find stacks more in Wiswald (where you’ll find the Pen Pals target at night), Savalon, and even Holograd. If you need an excuse to grind a little, this is it. Once you feel you’re ready, hop on the wagon back to Halcyonia.

Wiswald quests


Savalon quests

Holograd quests


Head straight into the throne room to see Lonsdale talking to the king. Grab Quest 069 while you’re here, then grab the one from Gloria at the inn, and another just be the road out toward Holograd.

When you’re all set, head out to Sir Sloan’s grave. On the way back to Halyconia, wander onto the beach to clear Gloria’s quest. Turn it in at the inn, heal up, and save. Cross the repaired bridge by the Outlaw’s Den north of town to quickly reach Waterfall Path.


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Dungeon: Waterfall Path

Recommended Level: 44

Follow the north path around to the right for 2x Remedy. Keep heading north and climbing the inclines. You’ll spot a chest containing some extra cash on your left. Just a bit further on is a save point and teleporter.

Hug the south wall until you find Elf Cape. Head back and take the north road. Take it all the way to the west wall to find 3x Meteorite. Fall back a little and continue north, grabbing the Moonbeam Shield left of the overhead walkway.

Follow the simple road around and you’ll soon reach the light at the end of the tunnel.


After walking around the mountain, you’ll finally reach Musa, a place that, save for the Wagon guy, is completely empty. Head up to Gloria outside the main building. Grab the Falcon Knife from inside and press on into the area beneath.

Dungeon: Musa - Crystals’ Resting Place


Recommended Level: 46

Take up the offer of saving your progress here. There are two paths either side of here, each leading to the labyrinth chamber of a single crystal with a boss blocking each alter. You’ll need to trudge through them all eventually, so choose whichever you like. Once you wrap up one, you'll teleport back to the entranceway ready to head to the next chamber.

Water Chamber

Take the left path around and back toward the entrance again for a good chunk of change. Sprint back to the entrance and take the right path. Head up the nearby staircase and south for a Life Ring. Head back down the staircase.

Either of the roads ahead lead to the same crossroads. Run up the staircase and take the east path, following it south and all the way around. Take the left staircase for a Dragonskin Headscarf and the right staircase for your destination. Save up and prepare to fight Genbu.

Boss: Genbu

  • HP: 151,490
  • Weakness: Water, Dagger, Spear
  • Absorbs: Earth


Genbu comes rocking Reflect right out of the gate, making sequential melee attacks a painful strategy. It can even buff itself to enable melee counters, so you’ll probably want to rely on Magic to deal the most damage here.

Earth Chamber

Head immediately east and continue pushing in that direction to find Soul of Thamasa. Fall back to the fork and head north and head as far east as possible once again for 4x Hush Pollen. Heading back, take the north path up and around and you’ll soon hit the save point. Up ahead is Immortal. Let’s hope the name doesn’t hold true.

Boss: Immortal

  • HP: 132,548
  • Weakness: Earth, Light, Axe, Staff
  • Family: Undead

Immortal may be weak to a lot of elements and weapons, but its magic defense appears through the roof. A Bastion will likely have the time of their life here, however. Ailments are impossible to inflict, so it’s a battle of raw damage, with Contagion being a major affliction to deal with on the regular.

It will occasionally counter heals, but its damage isn’t too difficult to deal with. Just keep your melee attacks stacked with the resource they need to deal heavy damage and focus on topping the team up with powerful heals to avoid any unnecessary counters.


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Fire Chamber

Follow the right teleporters for Safety Ring. When you return back to the entrance, take the left teleporter to the next crossroads. Both the left-most and lower teleporters will spit you back at this crossroads with 2x Elixer and a Red Cap, with the right-most path being the one to take you to the boss.

Boss: Catoblepas

  • HP: 101,960
  • Weakness: Lightning, Axe, Spear
  • Family: Beast

This boy prefers to stack BP and attack single targets, making Rampart a powerful skill. There’s half-damage from daggers and bows in affect here, and even null damage from Earth, so stack the poison but don’t go thinking a Phantom can punish the affliction. A Vanguard’s special won’t be much use either.

The only real threat here is if Berserk Marathon is cast at the start of a BP spend, upping the monster’s attack by 50%. There’s “Counter Any Damage” in effect as well, but it’s a rare occurrence.

Wind Chamber


Head east along the pathways here to find 5x Healing Bloom. Fall back and take the left path, following it down at the next major fork for 6x Tengu Sneeze. Walk back up and take the top-left path around straight to the save point. There’s 3x Ghoulash. Heal up and head for the boss.

Boss: Asura

  • HP: 117,254
  • Weakness: Fire, Wind, Sword, Bow
  • Family: Demon

This guy focuses on rapid physical attacks to the team. Mitigation is your best bet, but one-off shields will quickly be removed by single hits of a heavier barrage. If you’re running a Vanguard, our aging Flametongue sword will far out-perform their trusty axe here.

Asura counters both items and physical attacks, so don’t go full bore. Instead, use a Bard to keep physical buffs coming and have someone like a Swordmaster attempt to tank the fight with their own counters.

With the crystals all back where they belong, the door will open. Head in, save up, talk to the team, then finally to Gloria one last time to push ahead into Edna’s chamber, trigging a fight against big bad fairy. Status and elemental resistances both are important here. You’ll probably want to grind up to level 50 or so to play things safe.


Boss: Edna

  • HP 179,335
  • Weakness: Thunder, Light, Spear, Bow
  • Family: Spirit

If you’ve been rocking a bow-wielding Beastmaster this whole time, you’ll adore this fight. She’ll drop fast with the one-two punch of a fed Beastmaster/Berserker. Otherwise, a Bastion or Berserker duel-wielding some recent spears will hit her weaknesses hard.

Ailments are the name of the game here. If she can inflict them, she’ll punish those affected with near-certain death. As she counters physical attacks and buffs, too, big BP spends are a little tough to recommend. By far the best approach to this fight is to deplete her MP reserves through the Contagion status; typically by having a Salve-Maker mix Pathogen with an offensive item. After that, a Phantom can shred her with Sick Twist.

Another good route (assuming you’re around Level 50) is to bring a Spiritmaster with you. Their Purebringer spirit can remove all the debilitating debuffs Edna can stack, reducing the pain brought on by her barrage of skills. If you struggle to get Contagion to work, you’ll have to rely on skills like a Vanguard’s Rampart to shield against bigger attacks. It’s a slog, but if you can keep picking up the team while you chip away at Edna’s HP, you’ll get there in the end.

How to Start Chapter 6


After the fight with Edna, the credits will roll. It’s a rather anti-climactic end, but that’s because things aren’t actually over just yet. Save your game when prompted, then reload that slot.

You’ll appear in the chamber before the boss battle yet again, but Elvis’ book will instead prematurely show the outcome of the fight ahead. Despite this, you're able to trigger the fight with Edna the same way as before, with the characters still acting like the outcome is a surprise to them if you defeat Edna once more. That's because you're not meant to fight her a second time.

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Once you load the save and watch the cutscene, you can start Chapter 6 simply by running for the exit back to Musa, spurring Seth to “find another way” of dealing with what is destined to happen. By making that decision, Chapter 5 will end.

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