Audio Physic Tempo Plus Loudspeaker (2022)

Audio Physic Tempo Plus Loudspeaker (1)"The latest version of the Tempo, the Tempo plus, embodies everything that Audio Physic has learned about high-performance loudspeaker design [and] the Tempo plus loudspeakers turned out to be superb performers. The speaker always maintained its composure,never sounding anything less than clean, which is a testament to the heroic efforts Audio Physic has taken to eradicate cabinet and driver resonances. Likewise, the critical transition from bass to midrange was seamless, with the mid bass possessing the requisite amount of bloom with warmth and presence, yet without excess bloat or overhang. The Tempo plus reproduced the critical midrange with goose-bump-inducing verisimilitude.Audio Physic's loudspeakers have always been renowned for their imaging and sound staging abilities, and the Tempo plus lived up to the high expectations I had for it in this regard. Properly placed, the Tempo plus utterly and convincingly disappeared into the soundstage.

[They]excelled in a couple key areas. First, within the soundstage, individual instruments would frequently pop out,in bass-relief fashion, resulting in a presentation populated with dimensional images that lived and breathed. Secondly, image focus was excellent, but again perhaps owing to the rounded mid bass and relaxed treble, images were imbued with tremendous density, lending the overall performance weight and gravitas I would normally associate with much larger loudspeakers.

Meticulously hand-crafted and masterfully designed to eliminate all manner of driver-induced and cabinet-borne resonances, the Audio Physic Tempo plus is that rare breed of loudspeaker that combines precision with organic warmth and grace. A true sonic chameleon, the Tempo plus disappears into the soundstage, leaving nothing but music. A remarkable achievement. "- John Acton, Positive Feedback

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Audio Physic Tempo Plus Loudspeaker (3)"Audio Physic's attention to detail, from burning in drivers at the factory, to ceramic foam to beefing up the terminal base with aluminum construction, is very impressive. And very effective. Right out of the box, the tessituras had a seamless quality, a homogenous sound that drew me emotionally to the music ... A beautifully refined 'voice', capable of a wide range of dynamics with a penchant for producing smooth yet detailed sound. You could spend a hell of a lot more on a speaker for your modest music room and not beat the Audio Physic's performance. If you are in the market for a floor standing loudspeaker for less than 6K, treat yourself to a listen. You will not be disappointed. Very highly recommended." - Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia

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"I’m a big fan of the Tempo plus speakers. For all the musical satisfaction Tempo plus delivers at $5,995 they represent a terrific value. They offer fantastic sound; they image exceptionally well, and their forgiving sonic signature will mate well with a variety of components. As better upstream gear trades in and out, these speakers have the potential to rise to the challenge and deliver the musical goods. If you are seeking speakers in this price range, be sure to audition the Audio Physic Tempo plus. Once you do, you may find these speakers in your home for many years to come." - Rob Johnson, Tone Audio - Issue 82

Another Legend Returns - The re-engineered and updated Tempo plus!

The new TEMPO plus loudspeakers manage the feat of bridging the gap between unbelievable precision, realistic rendering and uncompromising neutrality like no TEMPO before. Equipped with the latest AUDIO PHYSIC developments and meticulously refined down to the detail, the TEMPO plus significantly raises the bar in terms of what you can now expect from a living-room friendly standing loudspeaker.

The TEMPO plus is true to the tradition of its highly reviewed predecessor versions, but AUDIO PHYSIC has re-engineered it from the inside out with the same passion that is dedicated to all of the AUDIO PHYSIC models. The TEMPO plus benefits from many of the technological insights Audio Physic gathered during the development of the top of the line model - the CARDEAS 30 LJE.

The tweeters and midrange drivers are manufactured exclusively for AUDIO PHYSIC, and their hybrid cone construction (HHC technology) is unique, combining the dampening characteristics of modern polymers with the stability and stiffness of metal.The suspension system and the chassis basket are mechanically decoupled from one another in a radical design involving the hyper-holographic cone chassis to reduce unwanted resonances. In addition to the elaborate HHC basket construction, the mid-range driver is also equipped with a fixed metal phase plug to reduce heat.

TEMPO plus features the exclusive third generation HHCT III tweeters, now included in many of the top of the line models. Both the tweeter and the mid-range driver are each mounted in individual compartments in he cabinet. The outcome is a smooth and homogeneous acoustic pattern, from the fundamental tone all the way to the highest frequencies.

(Video) Audio Physic Tempo 6, Audia Flight One, Audia Flight Two.

Two high-performance bass drivers, equipped with stiff aluminum membranes, are located precisely across from one another in the sides of the TEMPO plus. The location and switching of the chassis and the so-called “Push-Push Technology” create a symmetrical distribution of force on the loudspeaker cabinet when the loudspeaker is in use. This completely new engineered bass compartment makes a substantial contribution towards improving the lower frequencies response.

The TEMPO plus skillfully conceals the refined engineering and intelligent design that make them exceptional loudspeakers in their class. Their slender, tall shape, gently sloped at an angle, lends the TEMPO plus not only a modern, timeless appearance, it also reduces standing waves in the interior of the loudspeakers that can jeopardize crisp midrange reproduction. The slight rear tilt of the cabinet body balances out phase differences between the mid and high range. Low mid-range drivers and tweeters are placed flush with the front panel.

The entire inner cabinet has been updated to include extremely stiff open cell ceramic foam bracing elements that further stabilize the loudspeaker cabinet and reduce resonances. With a pore ratio of over 85%, the dampening is now significantly more effective. Traditional insulation materials do not even come close to achieving this effect, and the result is a level of precision unto its own in this class.

An additional essential contribution to natural sound is provided by the newly, re-engineered crossover with its painstakingly selected components. The interior wiring, as well as the high-quality WBT™ control terminal, mechanically decoupled from the cabinet, are also part of the tonal coordination. The sum of all these details leads to a stunning attention to detail.

The TEMPO plus includes the solid aluminum traverses, that are featured in the much more expensive AVANTI. These guarantee easy handling and optimal contact to the floor. The result of these measures: significantly higher resolution, enhanced homogeneity and stunningly authentic musicality.

We are in the business of creating satisfied customers. We hope you love your purchase, but in the event that you are not satisfied, you may returnunopened and unused items within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

In the event that merchandise is not in its original condition, has been opened, or is missing packaging, manuals, accessories or other components a partial refund will be given. Partial refunds are calculated on a case-by-case basis but incur a minimum 15% restocking fee.

Items ineligible for return: furniture and other oversized product shipped via a Motor Freight Carrier or scheduled delivery, televisions larger than 32”, in-ear headphones, special order items, and any item that has been permanently modified (e.g. spliced wires or custom order cables).

Three Simple Steps:

1. Give us a heads up: Please call 631-585-5600 or email to let us know you’d like to return an item. We will give you a RA number (Return Authorization) to include with your order.

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2. Ship it back to us: Please pack the product in its original packaging with all original contents and use the original shipping carton and packing materials. Safely and completely packaged returns are less likely to incur a damage or restocking fee. Please consider insuring and tracking your item as you are are responsible for the item until it reaches our warehouse.

Return Address:

Audio Den
Attn: Returns
RA# (Insert RA #)
66 Southern Blvd
Suite C
Nesconset, NY 11767

3. Sit tight! We will process your return as quickly as possible and issue a credit by the original payment method. Depending on your credit issuer, it may take as long as 10 days for the refund to post.

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    (Video) A speaker that images like no other: Audio Physic Tempo 35


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